1:24 PM

Put up Christmas all around the store and it looks so festive. The large mercury glass ornaments are such a bargain at $15 each. The beautiful blue glass birds are priced right at $10.

All of the Holiday dishes are out and they look so beautiful. I have the Snowman and Nostalgic Santa line but my favorite is the Grace line of dishes. The white dishes, elegant pinecones, and gold trim make them my favorite.

The Christmas mats are wonderful, durable, and very colorful, I only have about 7 assorted prints.

Besides all the Christmas decorations, I've also been stocking up on gift items and trying to get everything to fit in the store has been fun.
I need to make sure I'm all set up for this weekend's Christmas Craft fair. It's one of our biggest events downtown and I usually sell out of most of the Christmas decorations.

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