Merry Christmas

2:25 PM

It has been a very exciting month. I apologize for not keeping everyone updated but I didn't want to share news until things were finally nailed down. I am excited to announce that in January the Not Too Shabby team will be expanding to include Karryann Pallitto!
Karryann is amazingly talented with the paintbrush and the needle and I am so excited to have her join us and bring her fabulous vintage upholstered pieces, hand made aprons, and vintage furniture.
To make room for Karryann and her wonderful collection, I have everything in the store on sale at 30% off. Also, we will be closing Jan 3-Jan 8th for some RRR (Re-Freshen, Re-Furbish, and Re-Fluff) at the store.
I promise to be much more diligent at providing wonderful updates and pictures.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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