Happy New Year!

5:30 PM

The after Christmas sale is going fantastically well. I'm completely out of party sheep, almost out of all the dog and bird ornaments, and the Christmas dishes are quickly disappearing. It is taking all of me to not re-arrange the store - but there is no reason to re-arrange now, when I'm closing on Sunday to re-do the whole store. I can't wait to see how the new paint colors and trim look in the store. Plus, all of the new 'vintage' merchandise I've been saving for the grand re-opening!
Karryann has finished some fantastic upholstered chairs, plus she is so enthusiastic about joining me it has re-energized me too! Here's our plan for the week:
Wednesday - Closed to paint more furniture
Thursday - Store is open
Friday - Store is closed, celebrating New Years with the family.
Saturday - We load up to go to Alameda which will be a wonderful first adventure. I'll take pictures and share lots of info!
Sunday - Store closed for the new look!
I'll update the schedule next week - Happy New Years everyone!

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