Alameda - March

7:44 PM

Well, just got home after a wonderful day shopping at the Alameda Antique Faire. I went down with two great friends and we walked up and down every aisle. I picked up this 2 tier end-table (known as a dumb waiter) right away.

Then scooped up this fantastic black leather suitcase with 3 vintage airport tags still hanging!

This very unique coffe bin was my best purchase. This is truly a unique item with original paint, hinges, and door, and not rusted through! All it needs is some cleaning and it will be a great piece in the store.

Then met this man who makes these Fluer de Lis chalkboards!!!! They are fantastic and priced perfectly. I picked up his only 2 and if you guys like them as much as I do, I'll contact him for more.
p.s. he also has poodle forms !!!
It was a beautiful sunny day and the faire was very busy with buyers and sellers. I had so much fun hooking up with the girls from Tattered House, checked out Marilyn's stuff (always so very chic!), popped by Bungalow's spot, lusted after Big Daddy's vintage metal pieces. Not to mention eating fantastic melt in your mouth mini donuts (we shared 2 cones).
We'll have to see if I can make it back for the April event (it's on Easter Sunday), but I'm planning on selling again in May so hope to see you guys there!

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