I'm Dying To Share

12:47 PM

I'm so excited to share a fantastic Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan project that one of our very talented customers finished.  

We talk about painting furniture all the time, but this project involved painting a costume for El Dorado Musical Theatre's recent production of The Addams Family Musical.  The costume was for a Ghostly Ballerina, an ancestor for the Adams Family.  

Our customer, Margie Rudolph, started with this very colorful tutu.

Starting with the dark blue tulle underside, she dip dyed with a Chalk Paint® Paris Gray and Graphite 1:1 mix.   

She also dip dyed white trims in the same color mix.

She finished with a light silver spray, added the Chalk Paint® dip dyed trim, some metallic trim, and a layer of gray organza under the skirt.  

What a transformation.

I think it turned out amazing!


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