Water Ring on Chalk Paint® Finished Pieces

2:51 PM

One of the questions we get asked most often regarding Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan is - How does the paint hold up to condensation, water marks, spilled drinks?

Yesterday I had an iced venti espresso that had a lot if condensation build-up, so I set it on our Emperors Silk & dark wax finished countertop. 

After 15 minutes, there was a significant amount of water.

I removed the cup and wiped off the water ring with a paper towel.  
I then set my timer for 15 minutes.

After 7 minutes, the ring had faded about 50%.

After a total of 15 minutes, the water ring was completely gone.
(I had to change my photo orientation because I kept casting a shadow over the spot😞).

This was just a quick test.  We've had lots of customer & team accidents with drinks, ice cream, food, candy, and of course the 6-inches of flooding at Re-Find Living. There's no need to panic, gently clean up the wetness, allow it to completely dry.  Íf the ring persists, lightly sand & re-wax.  

This really is amazing paint!

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