Family Time

3:51 PM

We spoiled everyone, including me, with a trip to Hawaii. Its our second time ever & it's amazingly relaxing.

The holiday season starts in July, runs through to January, and ends with Inventory & packing up for the year.  I LOVE it!  Really!  The fall is my favorite time of year!  I can't even begin to tell you how much I love changing the store for the seasons, seeing people's faces when they walk in the door, hearing the 'oh!'  'I love this store!'  'I came back with my family' It's music for me.

The cost of my crazy season is time with my family.   So a family vacation right after the holidays, before school starts again, is a a treat for all.

I'm feeling more awake, getting refreshed, and starting to be excited about planning the next Holiday Season, Workshops, and adjustments to the store.  

I'm almost ready to work on my 2015 Goals.

I can't wait to see you & share our plans.



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