Random Thoughts

1:14 PM

We finished putting up most of our Holiday Decorations in BOTH stores Friday night.

We had our 2nd great Holiday Open House of the season, at Re-Find Living (the first was at Not Too Shabby last Friday night) last night.  There was a wonderful turnout of customers, special thanks to our fantastic DJ's Chris & Nate of On The Mic!  

I got to sleep till 9 the next morning.  It was so nice!  I started to feel like a normal human.  Had a great afternoon at NTS, fluffing trees & our Thanksgiving section.

Then I had all day Sunday off.   So I decided to sleep late, relax, go for a walk and spend time in the kitchen.  All things I've been missing over the last few months.  

When we walked at the park, it was a little chilly, perfect fall weather.  We surprised a flock of turkeys, and I caught this white one.  

I spent the afternoon making this Hearty Tuscan Soup.  I found the recipe on Pinterist and it was so easy!  Plus it used up all of my farm box vegetables.  Lot f leftovers to cover the week.  

Sam came home on Sunday night for a short visit.  We had the whole family together!  A great re-charging weekend.

Hope you had a great weekend too!


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