New Store - What's in a Name?

7:38 PM

What's in a name?  

Everything.  Right?

When I bought Not Too Shabby, it had been named by the first owners.  
What a great name it is.

Thanks to Rachel Ashwell when you hear the words Shabby Chic, you immediately think of shabby chic furniture.

When we found the perfect location for our 2nd store, choosing the name became pretty important.  

Let me just say - Group text is great!

We'd been playing with names for a while, but nothing seemed to stick. 

We started with liking the words Red, Curated, and Home.

Then the texts started & an hour later Ashley shared Re-Find, and we were in love!  

There was a short debate between Style or Living.  Living won.  We find treasures that are 'tarnished' and need some love.  By the time we're done with our finds, they are all shiny & bright so everyone can see them.  

Samantha & Kim shared a compass logo.  

And it all came together.  

One of the definitions of Re-Find is 'to find happiness'.  (love it)
The compass logo speaks to my heart.  Following your heart, dreams, and always moving towards your goal. 

Picking the name for the new store, felt as personal as naming a child, I love it!  

I hope you like it too.


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