Behind the Scenes Doing a 2 Minute TV Spot

8:00 AM

Two weeks ago, Not Too Shabby was invited to a quick TV spot talking about turning one item into something else. It's is something we do everyday at Not Too Shabby, yet being on TV created a whole new stress level, and questions. I sent out an email to the team and asked for any ideas.

We came up with 6 fun & quick ideas, which was perfect because we needed variety - to create interest, timeliness - to keep the interest, and we needed to use everyday items - not everyone can see how to turn one thing into something else.

We took a vintage rap basket and added a light kit.

We turned an old framed window into a shelf; added 2 metal corner brackets, a piece of wood, and a little bit of Chalk Paints® and waxes.

We turned a vintage suitcase into a pet bed; recovered the inside of the suitcase, added 4 small legs, and a cushion.

Turned 2 vintage bistro chairs into cute patio plant chairs; removed the seat, screwed in a wire plant basket (that was close in size to the seat), dry brush the chair with Chalk Paints®, lay some burlap scraps inside the basket, placed the planter and plants into the seat.

We assembled all the parts, tested everything, prepared one 'finished' piece and then set up for the spot. 

Five minutes later, it was all done.  8 hours of prep, 6 helpers, and we're done in under 10 minutes.  We had a great time creating.  Afterwards we had a wonderful breakfast at Carol's Resturaunt (fantastic french toast!)

Already working on ideas for the next time.  Hope you enjoyed the behind the scene planning.

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  1. love all these projects! Thanks for posting Bobbi! -Aimee