It's All About Me!

4:15 PM

I have this blog entry from that I have bookmarked for a couple of years.  I re-read it often.  Recently I've been inspired by some other blogs to share some things about me that you may not know:

  1. I think people are basically nice, selfish maybe, but basically nice.
  2. I had horrible crooked teeth when I was growing up (braces in my 30's fixed that), almost 2 rows of teeth on the bottom they were so crooked.  In 5th grade I decided I would SMILE!  I mean smile at strangers, in the hallway between classes, everywhere.  I would just pretend my teeth were straight and white and that was it.  My belief in my great smile was so complete that when school pictures would come out, I was always shocked when I would be smiling away with horrific teeth!  I remember getting my senior portraits and the photographer asked me 'which side is your best side' and I said, they are both great!  Thank goodness he picked the angle.
  3. I forgot I had freckles (refer to point #2).
  4. I do not play well with others.  Really, I don't.
  5. I love my friends, I'm the kind of friend that helps you move, picks you up when your car breaks down, watches your kids, and loans you money.  But here's the thing, my friends love me and they would do all those things for me.
  6. I always try to do the right thing.
  7. I get inspiration from everything. I'm always thinking about the store, furniture, painting, decorating, what to do next.  I LOVE IT! 
  8. I'm a magazine hoarder.  I love all the pretty pictures, the stories, the pages.  I'm trying to transfer my love to pinterest to save space.
  9. I am emotional.
  10. I am a strong WOMAN (9 &10 are not mutually exclusive)
  11. My parents are deaf. 
  12. I am the oldest of 5 kids.
  13. I sing in the shower & the garage (paint warehouse).
  14. I LOVE my family.  Everyday I feel blessed by them.  They make me laugh, cry, stress me out, and inspire me.  I am so proud of them.
  15. I think that family is not limited to your husband/wife/kids/pets.  I think family is whoever you want them to be, and that is why Tori. Sabra, and Gary are part of my family.
  16. I am a terrible gift giver.  Honestly, I have no excuse.  I have great ideas before hand, great ideas to share, but usually get sidetracked and have to scramble at the last minute to pull it all together.  
  17. I love color!
  18. The walls in my house are gasp - WHITE!  Running the store is more than a full time job and I really have had no time to paint the walls.  I've picked colors, many times, but I can't seem to spend time on my own home.
  19. I dream of being a painter, an amazing collage artist, or portrait painter.  I am so not talented in this way.  Seriously, I am a fantastic painter of furniture but ....not so good on the others.  So for now, I will enjoy my dream paintings.
  20. I LOVE books, I love the written word.  I read it all, detective, mystery, romance, smut, young adult, science fiction, historical, sport, decorating, I like it all.
  21. I miss my grandparents everyday!
  22. I love movies!  I love suspending reality and just enjoying the movie.  I do not enjoy analyzing them and determining why the movie isn't realistic.  I just love movies.
  23. I think that life is challenging, work is challenging, business is challenging, maintaining friendships are challenging.  I think it is work to make everything work.  If it ever reaches the state where it's not worth the work, then I'm done.
  24. I ask questions, I think it's flattering to be asked questions, it shows interest.
  25. I think we are all amazingly unique people.  Our lives, our loves, our dreams, all of it makes us unique.  I think this uniqueness deserves respect.  Our religion (or lack of), our politics, our choices, all of those things that make us who we are should be respected, and appreciated.  It takes all of us to make this amazing world.  Frankly, I would not want to live in a world made up of a bunch of Bobbis, that would be way too crazy!  I love the Pams, Cassidys, Sams, Toris, Kims, Tamis, Terris, Dianes, Davids, Roberts, Charlies of the world.

I share this because I think we pick our attitude, we make choices everyday to smile, visit, talk, help a stranger, it's all a choice. 


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  1. I echo #16 as to gift giving and ideas and all. I am even worse at wrapping. Last minute, late, it all applies to me also. Love the post.

    1. Thanks! Part of my new blog philosophy of stop over analyzing and start just posting. I appreciate the love.