Fun with Colors!

8:00 AM

With our anniversary celebration I found myself looking at pictures from the store from when we first opened in 2005.  It was funny to see all the 'white' furniture, taupe walls, and hardly any displays going up the walls!  Now, I look around the store and I'm surrounded by fantastic colors, walls covered with mirrors & chalkboards, and furniture brimming with accessories.  How far we have come! 

Great dresser Andra painted blue with gold accents.
Great kitchy orange suitcases - Love it!
Beautiful dining table, painted Annie Sloan Arles (golden yellow).
Vintage library table painted red.

And my favorite piece, this wonderful table painted Annie Sloan Chateau Grey and all kinds of fun wax treatments.

I'm loving all the colors and the LIFE they have brought to the store.  Don't get me wrong all white is fine for a time, but like I tell everyone, surround yourself with pieces you love and it will all come together.  Glad I follow my own advice!

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