1:44 PM

I have been meaning to create a blog for a while, but with everything going on in life the task just kept moving further and further down the list until today! Of course now that I'm actually writing a blog I'm struggling with what to share. Why don't I start with what is going on at the store -
I spent Thursday and Friday putting out Halloween merchandise. I know, it seems way to early to put out Halloween, especially when it is going to be over 100 degrees today! However, what I have learned is if the item is out after people decorate their house/yard it's too late. Thus, stores tend to display holiday merchandise a season ahead so people will start to think about the holiday and decorating and you have created 'interest' in the season. Having said that I'm not sure if I've created any interest in Halloween yet, but I've got some amazingly cute items.
Today a vintage car show is going on in town so the street is pretty busy, although not too many people in the store yet, I'm hoping they start coming in soon as the heat builds.

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