NY City - Day 1

9:26 AM

Today started nice and early with a flight on Delta out of Sac to NY, with only 1 plane change.  Got to NY City, checked into the hotel and then walked quickly to the 1/2 price ticket booth to get tickets.  We had a list of 5 shows I wanted to see and Memphis was available at 40% off so we scored 2 tickets and then walked over to the Shubert Theatre. 
The Shubert theatre is beautiful, one of those amazing classic designs with lots of frescoes, cornices, trims, and gold.

The show was amazing!  Tonight both leads were played by the understudies, Bryan Fenkart & Dan'yell Williamson
    and they were go great!  The stage was so cute with lots of vintage furniture and decorations - I loved the formica topped table and the bentwood chairs, very similiar to the ones in the store, just proving how hardworking good design is:



At the end of the first act tears were falling down my face.  And, then at the end, I cried all over again. 

But the best part of the whole night was that my cousin Harry (who is living in NY City now) knows Bryan and he made some phone calls and got me on the back stage list so we were able to get backstage and have Bryan sign our playbill. 

Walking back to our hotel, just feeling all the excitement from the show - what a first night!

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